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BeyondKawaii [userpic]
Sabbat Themed Coordinates?
by BeyondKawaii (beyondkawaii)
at February 28th, 2012 (01:30 pm)

Has anyone here ever done a sabbat themed coordinate? If so, link to pictures to share them! I'm currently trying to figure out if I could do something for Ostara, and I was looking for inspiration. 

Grab bag raffle for Black Witch as a donation run to go to the BWAs
by kodachi148 (kodachi148)
at June 17th, 2011 (04:54 am)

Hey all! My blog Black Witch has been nominated by the Black Weblog Awards in the faith category and I've been invited to come to L.A. for the first ever live ceremonies on July 9th. This is a first for both BWA and Black Witch as the BWA never had a Pagan blog nominated before (usually the Christian blogs dominate) and Black Witch is the first Black Pagan blog so there wasn't exactly a blog to nominate prior. I really would like to attend because Pagans are so very underepresented and especially in minority groups (I could rant about that forever, being a minority in a minority) so it would mean a lot to attend. So I am holding a donations run that has been extended to Tuesday that includes a grab bag raffle! The money covers air fare and stay and the goal is $500 and I already have nearly half of the goal made.

Interested? The details!Collapse )

Do your pagan and lolita styles mesh?
by Chelsea Belle (emilie_rainbow)
at June 11th, 2011 (07:12 pm)

current mood: thoughtful

Hello all! This community is so dead. :( I thought I'd try to liven it up with a bit of discussion!

Does your style of Lolita fit in with your Pagan persona?Collapse )

Lightbringer [userpic]
by Lightbringer (xlightbringerx)
at December 4th, 2010 (10:28 pm)

Hey, a Heathen friend of mine who is very much into Neo-Victorianism and an elegant lifestyle shared his Listmania list with me. I thought you guys might enjoy looking through it as well. I didn't actually read his intro yet, but I know him in person and he's totally into blending his spirituality with Neo-Victorian and Victorian-Goth aesthetics.

Head on over to Amazon for the list

Josephine [userpic]
A Blessed Samhain To All!
by Josephine (sorbetnoir)
at October 31st, 2010 (08:29 pm)

 There's been little or no activity on this comm, which is a real shame, so I just thought I'd leave a message for anyone wandering by...

I want to wish you all a truly blessed Samhain, and a fruitful and frilly new year ^-^

Did anyone do anything nice to celebrate? :D


crimsonsparkles [userpic]
An Interesting Idea?
by crimsonsparkles (crimsonsparkles)
at September 2nd, 2010 (12:25 am)

about the Tarot...(under a cut for length, and to keep offence to a minimum.)Collapse )-Note: I am going to bed now, but keep those comments coming! I'll reply in the morning!!about the Tarot...(under a cut for length, and to keep offence to a minimum.)Collapse )

Lolita-fying your BoS?
by lolipopkisses (lolipopkisses)
at August 22nd, 2010 (11:06 am)

current mood: contemplative

Hey there! This is my first post ever on LJ, so yay for that!
I just had this weird idea this morning skimming through other lolita communities. Would any of you ever decorate your BoS (if you keep one) to make it more loli?

I don't think I would ever, mostly because I love classic sweet lolita so it would kind of be really strange looking I think. >^< Really doesn't fit with my withcy vibe lol

I can imagine a gothic lolita BoS turning out pretty interesting though.
So the questions are, would you ever do it?
Have you?
Do you think a sweet-ish BoS would be odd?

I hope this isn't too much of a weird question...
Have a lovely day, and blessed be!

kodachi148 [userpic]
New Pagan Column! Black Witch
by kodachi148 (kodachi148)
at July 18th, 2010 (02:13 am)

Hi hi everyone! I have just started a new column writing for AfroPunk.com and it's called Black Witch. It looks at life from a Black Pagan's perspective. Please do check it out! Here's the address: thisblackwitch.wordpress.com. It also has a Twitter, @thisblackwitch.

(The AfroPunk version is a bit messy so I gave the external site's version. You can still access AfroPunk from there, however)

bigbad88 [userpic]
What makes one a Witch?
by bigbad88 (bigbad88)
at March 29th, 2010 (03:10 pm)

current mood: cold
current song: Bat for Lashes - Trophy

I just read an interesting article on one of my favorite blogs (Witch of Forest Grove) that really made me think. The article is entitled "What Makes One a Witch?" I recommend giving it a look see but, in summary the author equates the term and role of a witch to that of a shaman - someone with cunning and supernatural abilities, who can walk between worlds and serve as an emissary between realms. By her definition, this is not a role that everyone who practices a Pagan religion can serve and it is not an easy road. There is an irresistible call and years of practice, dedication and oaths between you and the spirits/gods who call to you. There is nothing wrong however if you never get this, and you are just a layPagan if you will, engaging in simple folk spells and such mostly for seasonal and personal reasons.

What do you guys think about that? Do you agree, disagree, think it's all silly?

Personally, it sounds about right to me. Most other religions have this sort of dynamic, it wouldn't surprise me that the various Pagan paths would as well (well maybe not folks into Chaos magic but who knows). Some people are called "to the cloth" to make certain oaths, to make certain sacrifices and to take a certain leadership/healer/ teacher role in their faith while others may very passionate and devoted practitioners of their faith but, it always remains personal. *shrugs* I guess it's because this is how it feels, at least right now for me. I am perfectly happy dealing with magic on a personal level, observing the seasonal changes and worshiping my gods and local spirits. I have little interest in supernatural abilities beyond the occasional tarot card readings and tasseomancy now and again. But who knows? This may change. I am not 100 percent in control of the path I lead in life.

lexafalu [userpic]
Spirituality/Religion informing your lolita?
by lexafalu (lexafalu)
at February 12th, 2010 (03:26 pm)

I was curious if anyone else found that their spirituality or religious stance has had an impact on how you "lolita".

My closest divine relationship is with Hermes. I think he influences me in that I jump from style to style (anything kuro, no! classic, no! sweet, no!). I keep feeling compelled to light peoples' paths through the darkness of ita-ism (I resist though) and I nearly always make certain to do the exact opposite of what other people are doing or expect. For example, tonight I'm going to a goth club and will debut my predominantly pink ice cream themed coordinate. Understandably, depending on your tradition YMMV a great, great deal.

On another note, are there any other Recons here?

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