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エリアネ [userpic]
Pagan Lolita Print
by エリアネ (konekoanni)
at June 23rd, 2009 (11:47 am)

 Hello everyone! I had no idea this community existed until I joined lolita_diviners but now that I'm here, I thought I'd introduce myself and propose an idea I've had for a little while now.

I go by the name Riko on the internet, and I consider myself a sort of a "generic Pagan". I used to follow the Craft, but I don't really have time to dedicate to it now, so I just celebrate the sabbats/esbats and pay homage to the Lady and the Lord. I like Tarot, but I've never learned how to do it myself. I love visiting ancient sites and other places of common Pagan worship.

A little while ago, there was a discussion on religion motifs in clothing on egl which made me think that there were no Pagan motifs in Lolita, so I thought I would try to remedy that. I've been toying with some design ideas for a Pagan-themed print with a Gothic design, but I wondered if anyone had any suggestions. Could you think of a way to make a sweet Pagan print? What would you like to see on a Pagan dress? What kind of symbolism would you most appreciate? What about text as part of the print?

I'm going to try and have the dresses available for custom order by September, but for that to happen, I need to come up with a print!

cadaverprincess [userpic]
Merry meet!
by cadaverprincess (cadaverprincess)
at June 9th, 2009 (01:01 am)

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How is everyone today? This is my first post here. ^^

I just want some input while I am doing my research. I love to name my items, and I have finally found my perfect Athame. It's one of those necklace ones, that the bottom comes apart to reveal a blade. It's a skeleton with his arms raised (Y shaped), which I like the Y shape, which inspires my business logo even. With his head included he actually makes the elhaz rune, for Protection and strong thought. The elk is very masculine anyway, and since the Athame is a God symbol I was considering Elhaz as a name. It's a good name which gives me a good feeling, but I mostly find myself naming my altar tools with names from the Roman and Greek Mythos. I am wondering what other names anyone could suggest to me.

I am also tettering between the names Hestia or Vesta for my mini cauldron (strictly for buring). I haven't even really thought up a name for my cooking cauldron. I don't really even know any cooking Goddesses. I'm just afraid of getting fed up and naming it Iron Chef. LOL. Just kidding.

What I plan to do is add the names everyone suggests to me (that I like, of course) and placing them in front of me in a naming ritual and consulting my cards on the best name.

So any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated.